Centre Eaton de Montréal

Redevelopment Project Fact Sheet

This $200-million redevelopment investment aims to enhance the shopping experience at Quebec’s busiest shopping centre, Centre Eaton de Montréal. With the unification of two properties, the project at completion will offer a completely redefined retail environment, with a major overhaul of its retail offer with ‘new to market’ brands and flagship stores such as Décathlon and Time Out Market. Time Out Market Montréal will bring the best of the city together under one roof: its best restaurants, bars and cultural experiences, based on editorial curation. Visitors will get to taste food from the city’s top chefs and best restaurateurs, sip cocktails from leading mixologists, and experience culture with Montreal’s rising talents. In addition to its strategic location and dominant position in downtown Montreal, the centre will provide an unparalleled shopping environment that will exemplify the newest trends in retailing and the new means of consumption. The shopping centre, which already benefits from a connection to Montreal’s underground city, will also benefit from the renovation of Sainte-Catherine Street West as well as from the future McGill light rail train station that is part of the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) and the densification that has been under way for several years in the area.